— Prototyping Synthetic Biology —



kitchen.bio is an educational prototyping tool for synthetic biology.
A software enables non-scientists to plan their own genetically modified organisms and gives step-by-step instructions on how to engineer them in the lab. Connected hardware makes it easy to grow and monitor the modified organisms.

The system consists of following parts:


The community helps to get you started. Here you can find tutorials, discussions, and recipes from other people who tinker with biology.


The software is used to plan different organisms. When you built the desired functionality for your organism, you can simulate its behavior and get a recipe that tells you how to engineer it in the wet lab.


The software is connected to hardware that makes it easy to keep microorganisms at a specific temperature needed for transformation or growth.


Premade ingredient-kits in combination with the generated recipe help to engineer the choosen organism in the lab.


If you would like to skip the lab-work, you can just upload your designed organism to get it build at a DNA foundry.

* in development


The kitchen.bio software lets you plan an organism with the help of a simple visual programming language. Once you are done, you get instrutions on what bacteria, chemicals and plasmids you need to order. Furthermore, the recipe gives you step-by-step guidance, so that you can actually engineer your organism in a lab — or your kitchen.


The software is structured like a visual programming environment. You can chain different functions or basic logical operators (if, and, or, etc.) together. Available functions are displayed as seperate ingredients. Each ingredient is color-coded: Green is always an output, blue is always an input, and red is always a custom gene sequence. The same colors could be used to label plasmids and wet ware (which you need to engineer the organism) to ensure a consistent experience.


The simulator is generated out of the organism you build. Every input you choose shows up on the left side of the simulator. By activating the controls, you can get a preview on your organism’s behavior.


When you are ready to engineer your organism, you can just select an output method. You could get your recipe as a print-out or you can choose the interactive smart phone guidance.


The software’s goal is to deliver step-by-step instructions based on your designed lifeform. If you choose to export the recipe to the kitchen.bio app, you can use build-in timers and remotely connected hardware to precisely engineer and grow your organism. And of course, you can collect and organize your recipes with the app.


The kitchen.bio thermocycler is used to grow and heat shock bacteria. You can set different pre-defined temperatures with the help of a rotaty switch or through the smartphone app. The open design of the cooling and heating plate lets you watch your organisms grow.

Furthermore, a liquid handling robot which directly plugs into your computer, will come soon.